The practice of the marine profession is not only governed and regulated by national laws, decrees, regulations or orders but also by international laws. Requirements of international laws are contained in the conventions and protocols and in the case of the marine profession the requirements in the revised International Convention on Standard of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW ’78 as amended in 1995). The Philippines became a party to this convention on May 22, 1984. As a signatory to the convention the Philippines is obliged to comply with the provisions of the Convention specifically Regulation 1/12 and Section A-1/12.

PROTECT MARINE DECK AND ENGINE OFFICERS OF THE PHILS. INC., with great pride takes the opportunity of imparting its maritime training expertise for the marine officers of various shipping companies. In line with this purpose to offer our training center as well as to become the professional maritime consultant for the growth of marine officers in a company, we would like to give you some information of highly acclaimed qualification PROTECT.

 is the first with Simulator training Center in Manila, Philippines in compliance with the International Convention STCW’95 for Deck and Engineer Officers. This has enable Filipino seafarers to take their training in the country and received their certificate of competency under the new rules regulations of the amended convention of the International Maritime Organization.

With specific objective and dedication to upgrade maritime education for seafarers and become competitive in the world, PROTECT training center continually made various research of training programs that will e applicable to the mandatory requirements under new provisions occasionally passed by the International Maritime Organization on the basis of upgrading the worldwide maritime profession.

PROTECT is the only one approved by the Kongsberg Norcontrol to give and offer training to instructors to be able to make them more efficient in education trainees on simulators knowledge requirement. This training center is one among the first approved by the Philippine Government to conduct and give practical examinations / assessment for marine officers. Instructors of PROTECT are former members of the Board for Marine Deck and Engineer Officers of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). PRC is the government agency that is responsible in the issuance of certificate of competency to those who passed both the written and practical examination / assessment.