Tinig ng Marino DigiTV

Tinig ng Marino DigiTV is the digital version of United Filipino Seafarers’ official publication of the same name. It can be viewed or accessed in different social media platforms like our website, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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United Filipino Seafarers

United Filipino Seafarers, is an organization driven by a passion to champion the cause of Filipino seafarers, it embarked on a journey of commitment to stand and face the challenges besetting Filipino mariners including illegal recruiters, abusive manning agencies and maritime training centers, red tape in government maritime agencies, substandard maritime schools, among a plethora of other problems.

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Woman Up!

“Woman Up!” started as an event for seafarers’ wives and other women in the maritime industry. It is a safe community for women to express themselves, support, and empower each other. Woman Up! can be accessed in different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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