MARINA Outgoing Members of Board of Examiners Receive Honorable Service Awards
On 18th of March 2022, the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) held an award ceremony in Manila for four (4) outgoing members of the Board of Examiners (BOE). Through the Standards of Training, Certificaiton, and Watchkeeping (STCW) Office, led by MARINA Administrator VADM Robert A. Embedrad AFP (Ret) and STCW Office Executive Director VADM Rene V. Medina AFP (Red), the outgoing members received Honorable Service Award plaques for their superior work.
In his welcoming remarks, VADM Medina addressed a crowd of MARINA OFficials, STCW OFfice Chiefs and employees, and members of the BOE (including the awardees), and called upon the latter to stand before everyone to be recognzed. With sincere and heartfelt appreciation for the team, VADM Medina said, “Kung ano yung nakikita natin ngayon sa improvement ng examination, particularly on the conduct, not only the theoretical but also for our assessment, at lalo na itong CRP,…hindi lng po iyon idea ng ED pero idea po lahat ‘to ng team natin.”
(“What we see now in the improvement of the examination, particularly on the conduct, not only the theoretical but also for our assessment, and especially this CRP, … it’s not an idea of ED but it’s all an idea of our team.”).
VADM Empedrad, VADM Medina and Capt. Jeffrey P Solon were then invited to award the Plaque of Honorable Service to Capt. Anthony C. Aranas, C/E Jose P. Castillo, C/E Asterio B. Zamora and OIC Rommel P. Miranda, recognizing their invaluable contrbutions to the BOE as memers of the MARINA.
The first award recipient was Capt. Aranas, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (BSMT) from the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA). A licensed Master Mariner with seagoing experience of 39 years, he served as Master Mariner for 21 of those years. He has also served as Marine Instructor, Review Instructor, Maritime Security Auditor and Instructor and Assistant Port Captain. Upon retirement, he was appointed after applying to office on 19 March 2019 as a Member of the Board of Marine Deck Officers (BOMDO).
The second awardee, C/E Castillo, is a PMMA graduate of the BSMT program. He is a licensed Chief Engineer with a 20-year onboard experience, and was appointed on 19 March 2019 as a Member of the Board of Marine Engine Officers (BOMEO).
The third awardee was C/E Zamora, another BSMT alumnus of PMMA. A licensed Chief Engineer with an onboard experience of 28 years, he has had 6 years of experience as Superintendent in 2004, and has been a New Building Engineer & Owner’s Representative since 2004. He joined MARINA as a Member of the BOMEO on 19 March 2019.
Lastly was awardee OIC Miranda, a graduate of the BSMT program from the Philippine Maritime Institute Colleges (PMIC). A licensed Officer-In-Charge for Navigational Watchkeeping (OIC-NW) with seagoing experience of 22 years, he served in General Cargo and Bulk Carrier. He has also served as Instructor, Assessor, Training Manager and OIC Training Director in the Maritime Training Institute (MTI) and in several Assessment Centers (ACs) from 2015 – 2019. He joined as a Member of the Board of Deck Ratings (BODRA) on 19 March 2019.
Following the awards, the recipients each gave short messages of tanks to the Administration for their support, especiall with regards to various developments of the Examination and Assessment as elaborated by Captain Aranas. C/E Castillo also shared his thoughts on developing accurate, authentic assessments to help produce highly-competent Filipino seafarers, stating that he was “proud to say that I will leave this Authority with high morale and integrity.”
Administrator Empedrad in his closing speech quoted Captain Aranas: “In everything you do, you should please the Lord”, stating that this is the most important job to do not only by the four honorees but every individual and employees of the MARINA.
He briefly added that in raising the standard of the Filipino seafarers, it starts with education.
“”Marami tayong dapat gawin pa para sigurado tayo na ‘pag pinadala natin yung ang seafarers natin, they are competent, they are capable and they are the number one choice of the ship owners around the world. Hindi tayo magpapa-aral para gawing rating lang. We graduate them so that they become officers.”
(“We still have a lot to do to make sure that when we send our seafarers, they are competent, they are capable and they are the number one choice of ship owners around the world. We will not study just to make a rating. We graduate them so that they become officers.”)
Administartor Empedrad followed this up with the sharing of a a Bible verse from Matthew 25:23 that reads, “His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Enter into the joy of your master!’”, implying that the honorees have been put in charge because of the Agency’s trust in their competence, skills and integrity. However, he noted that the MARINA still has much work to do for seafarers, encouraging all employees to continue working together to provide selfless service to Filipino seafarers and for future generations.
VADM Empedrad gave thanks all outgoing BOE professionals before the award ceremony concluded with a video presentation on the work of Aranas, Castillo, Miranda, and Zamora, showing their training, workshops, discussions, consultations, assessments conducted, as well as celebrations they have enjoyed together with their colleagues in the maritime industry.