What We Do

Connect People with the Right Jobs for Them

We will help you find the perfect job for you aboard a ship. Whether it be cruise or cargo, we’ll see where you fit in.

Are You Looking To Hire Filipino Seafarers?

It’s been said that Filipinos are one of the best seafarers in the world. We’ll help you find your requirements!

Our Mission

C.F. Sharp Crew Management Inc. aims to be the preferred supplier of Seafarers to the global Maritime industry. We intend to generate the highest possible yield for our stakeholders, and we plan to achieve this via recruitment and maintenance of skilled and motivated employees, utilization of the most up-to-date and advanced technology. We focus on quality, health, safety and the environment with integrity, in all parts of our organization.

Our Vision

C.F. Sharp Crew Management Inc. consistently strives to be the most innovative, dynamic and passionate manning agency, always working with integrity.